I am a journalist, documentarist, audiovisual producer, filmmaker, and more recently I started activities as a Phonographic Producer to attend the demands of my films. I started my professional life in 2004 through the NGO THYDEWA working as content producer for the “Índios Online” project. I also worked in the production of text for the book “Índios na Visão dos Índios Pataxó Ha-hã-hãe”(Indian under the sight of Indian – Pataxó Ha-hã-hãe), and for “Arco digital – uma rede para aprender a pescar” (Digital arc – a net to learn how to fish).

My professional and personal concerns are focused on the social problems of minority groups, especially indigenous people, and on the planetary environmental issue, with the understanding that the holistic view is fundamental to deal with specific problems which we can solve through work and effort.

In 2012 I started Undergraduation in Social Communication with Qualification in Journalism, creating in the same year my first personal blog with the objective of divulging and denouncing the suffering the Pataxó Ha-hã-hãe people were undergoing in the areas of retaking. I was the main writer and sole editor of “Blog of Yawar Tupinamba”, created initially under the domain yawar.jor.br – now in disuse.

I worked in 2012 as a production assistant in the film JE SUIS L’ENGRAIS DE MA TERRE, directed by Luis Miranda, Production: Luis Miranda (Paris), ANAI (Salvador de Bahia)


In 2013, I was one of the protagonists of the March Woman Campaign of the Government of the State of Bahia, featuring a advertising piece for TV and banners on buses and billboards. The Audiovisual material was broadcast on TV and is available on the internet*. In addition, a second video was produced with testimonies from the protagonists, the video was aired on the Internet as well**.

In 2015, I concluded bachelor’s degree, presenting the documentary “Retomar para Existir” (Retake to exist), as a prerequisite for obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Social Communication with Qualification in Journalism, with which I obtained the grade 10 with praise. The documentary tells the story of an indigenous leadership, the chief Nailton Pataxó.

In 2016 I started the “Pau Brasil Noticias” (Pau Brasil’s News) blog, a journalistic weblog with the purpose of informing and giving visibility to the environment, politics, culture, entertainment, and public utility news. In this blog, I worked as writer and editor.

In June 2017 I started working with local production, and production assistant in the film Uma Mulher, Uma Aldeia, (A woman, a village) by the production company INSPIRAR- Ideias e Ideais.

In July 2017 I participated in the 6th edition of Cine Kurumin – Indigenous Film Festival, showing the film “Retake to exist” and working as the festival’s content producer for social networks during the event.

In 2018 I produced my first feature film, “Mulheres que Alimentam” (Women Who Feed), and in 2020 my first fiction / documentary film, “Kaapora O Chamado das Matas” (Kaapora – The call of the woods).

Since 2018 I work at the Projeto Kaapora as its manager.

I am also an Individual Microentrepreneur (MEI), therefore, I have taxpayer registration number before Brazilian government to issue invoices as Yawar Audiovisual and Journalism Producer.

I am registered at ANCINE (Cinema National Agency of Brazilian government) as Microentrepreneur and private individual, using the artistic name Yawar, which is my indigenous name, jaguar in Portuguese.

  • The March Women campaign can be seen on my Vimeo channel and on the official channel of the Secretariat of Policies for Women in Bahia. Title: Olinda. Production Company: Movimento Produções e Eventos LTDA. Agency: Layout Communication. 2013. Video on my channel / Video on the SPM channel 

**Available on my Vimeo channel, on this link.